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Study in USA

About USA

All the states have something unique to offer and whether you are looking for a small college or a large university. The United States of America is a dream destination for Constitutional education. It is the Federal Constitutional Republic comprising of 50 States and one federal district- the District of Columbia. Hundreds of thousands of people come to the United States from around the world to study and improve their skills. Numerous programs provide a wide variety of learning opportunities. It will be hard pushed to find anywhere in the world that has more to offer than the USA in terms of an educational experience that is rewarding both academically and personally.

Education system structure in the USA

The broad categorization of the different types of institutions for higher education is as follows:

  • State college or Universities (of which there is at least one in each US state): as the name suggests, these universities are funded by the states.
  • Private colleges or universities (which are normally smaller in size than government-run institutions): these are generally more difficult to get into, with the tuition fee also being on the higher side in comparison to the state schools.
  • Professionals Schools (that impart training in professional’s fields such as art, music, business, engineering etc): some of these schools offer graduate programs as well. These may be attached to a university or function as separate colleges.
  • Institute of Technology (which conduct courses of study of at least four years duration in the fields of science and technology). These institutes too many offer graduate programs.

Application Documents

  • CV (compulsory for PG students)
  • 2 reference letters from professors/institute
  • All academics from School Leaving to highest qualification
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Work experience letter (if required)
  • IELTS copy
  • Application fee (Demand Draft)
  • Bank Balance Certificate

Intakes: The most popular intakes are January and September, but there are many institutions which have May/June as well.

Application Deadline: Every US institution has its own specific deadline but normally to be the safer side students should apply at least 8 months prior to the commencement of course.

Living cost: Living cost in USA is approximately USD 12,000-USD 15000 per year, depending on the city. Students are allow to work 20 hrs per week to maintain their leaving expenses.

Important information about USA

The student visa is referred as F-1 visa

Students are required to show funds for first year of education and living cost planning for rest of the years.

Students who apply for 2 years course get visa for 3 to 5 years and for more than 2 years courses students get visas for 5 years.

After study options: After completion the course students will have to shift from F-1 Visa to h-1 Visa i.e student will have to search the job after completion of his course.