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The United Kingdom is located on the northwestern coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. An interesting fact about the United Kingdom is that it consists of four constituent which is: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and their capitals being London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast. Whereas, London is one of the largest and most popular cities in the UK which has been divided into different zones. The simpler way of classifying London would be identifying it as Inner London, Central London, Outer London.

The United Kingdom is pretty popular for its elegance and royal vibe and is adored for its unique accent. Not only that Uk is also the leading destination for international students. The main reason for the hype about study in the UK comes with a high standard of education. The education system facilitated in the UK is known as Quality Assurance Agency( QAA) which not only guides and grades student but also provides feedback for possible improvement methods and tactics. The country has one of the most renowned universities such as Oxford University and Cambridge University that most international students keep eyeing on. There are other more reputed colleges in the UK for International students to choose from, and impressive numbers of courses available which conveniently create a lot of options for students to choose from. And as far as the tuition fees, the UK has more reasonable tuition fees comparing to the United States or other countries which is always a plus point. Scholarships to study in Uk is such a bonus as there are varieties of different scholarship available for the students.

Whereas furthermore to assist international students with their finance, UK has allowed working for 20 hours per week during school times and a full-time job is allowed when the school is out of term. With all these benefits added for assisting International students, Uk still has more benefits such as the National Health Service. This service requires international students to only pay a small number of fees which is known as International Health Surcharge(IHS) after which the government of the Uk provides free medical treatment for the students.

United Kindom undoubtedly has a fascinating history and culture and traditions to learn about. And the lush norms and tradition create a delight exposure for international students. furthermore focusing on leisure for the students, students will have a greater chance to be able to travel Europe as Uk being the channel and having a lower cost for students to have a getaway after their hectic work and study schedule.

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