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✉ info@globalhub.edu.np ☏ +1-4253993

Message from MD

Our three fold mission is that of "Mentoring" the youth of this country to dream “Motivating” them towards greater hopes & aspiration.
Murari Bhusal

Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

Education is essential for the continuation of a person’s growth. In this highly competitive educational scenario it is important to keep abreast. With higher education you don’t just keep abreast, you move ahead. Your choice of education will shape your future. Education is the building block of human experience. It is not just an integral part of your professional life but greatly influences your overall personality. Our three- fold mission is that of “Mentoring” the youth of this country to dream “Motivating” them towards greater hopes and aspiration and “Guiding” them on the right track to realize those ambitions. We at Global Hub are with you every step of the way to make the best choices to enhance your inherent talents.

For students going abroad, a sound knowledge and understanding of the educational opportunities is vital. Many students require personal guidance in finding a suitable course, school, college or university. We believe in setting high standards in the quality of service provided to students to ensure that their stay abroad is safe, successful and enjoyable. Global Hub will help you to make the right choice. Our educational background and exposure to international studentship have equipped us with an appreciation of students’ needs and ability to empathies with parents who are so far from their children. I invite you very warmly to experience the benefits of our service and find out for yourself what is considered to be special about Global Hub.

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